Learn how you can get rid of your addiction and take your life back!

Addictions are very common and they show up in many different ways. They can be for food, smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol, social media and so much more. Addictive behaviours become a habit to change the way we feel. Whether we are bored, stressed ,overwhelmed, sad or are experiencing any other negative state. In particular there are triggers and connections that are linked with the addiction.

With Clinical Hypnotherapy you will finally be able to create the changes to your pattern of addiction. Have you tried quitting cold turkey, to only find yourself back where you started?

Without an effective strategy and making changes at a subconscious level, your addiction will be difficult to change.


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We Will Eliminate Your Addiction By

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Identifying your driver of the behavior, either for a buzz or for relief/relaxation.

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Teaching you important skills on how you could easily relieve stress, anxiety and any drivers

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Teaching you how to effectively meet your needs for satisfaction, fulfillment and joy

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Identify triggers and vulnerabilities to develop resilience for freedom after treatment

We are changing lives

“I came to Peter after many years of failed attempts at quitting smoking. Every pharmaceutical product out there and many defeats inside myself. This has been a constant battle from a young age. Got to the stage where I had given up given up as nothing worked. I was recommended to see Peter from my wife. I wasn’t sure what to make of this experience but was happy to try something new.
It took 2 weeks for me to quit smoking myself. No patches, Champix, gum, mist etc. myself. Never before in 15 years of smoking had I been able to train my mind to listen to my thoughts, my emotions and energy.

I cannot begin to thank you for the world of knowledge you have given me in such a short period of time and how with simple tasks my mind can be trained to listen and respect myself in my sub-conscious wants and needs. My overall experience with you has just been amazing and I would recommend you to anybody who finds themselves in my shoes.

Again Pete, thank you for your knowledge, friendship and dedication to your craft as you are just simply a professional. I wish you nothing but happiness as that is what you have given me.”



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