Low Self-Esteem

Free yourself from all the negativity and start living a confident life!

Low Self Esteem is created by having an unrealistic assessment of yourself. This means that you habitually delete all of the strengths and value that you have, focusing on the things that you do not have. You may have learned to compare yourself to others, or lean towards pessimism when it comes to your own capabilities.

With hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy, we can start addressing these negative and unhealthy thoughts that is hindering you to realize your fullest potential and living the best life you truly deserve. We can target the root cause of low-self esteem and build a strategic plan tailored just for you to give you the best possible results.


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We Can Build Your Self-Esteem Substantially By:

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Teaching you skills to determine which of your thoughts are valid and which not

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Creating the habits and behaviors for you to have a fulfilling and satisfying life

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Strategically implementing activities for you to partake to develop your confidence

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Generating a training regime to build your self-esteem and confidence so that they become resilient

We are changing lives

Peter, in my opinion became my performance coach, and used a hypnotic approach to allow me to visualise a desired response to numerous situations we came up with together. These situations I then trained to deal with with his help, resources and encouragement. My confidence improved so it then became easy for me to recreate positive outcomes in a real pressure situations using strategies we planned. Even though I am a performer under stress, I had found previously that this type of interview could cause me to become closed in my thinking and anxious that I couldn’t perform.

I think Peter is a powerful coach and mentor who surprised me by the amount of work he did specifically for me and his ability to listen closely to my needs. I felt understood and cared about at all times and was thoroughly satisfied with the value I got for my money. I was equipped by Peter with numerous audio recordings, using them many times, especially to put me at ease as the interview approached.

I am a better and more calm person since I met Peter. The techniques I have learned will help me through the rest of my life and I am thankful to him for that.



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