Stress & Anxiety

Learn how you can manage stress and anxiety and find your inner calm.

Anxiety and stress are incredibly common patterns that are present within clients. When you have lost the ability to switch off the bodies stress response, a mechanism that is meant to last 30 seconds, can last for hours or longer periods of time. This is where you will be taught the skills and strategies to rapidly readjust to the mechanism necessary.

Here at Prime Wellness, we will develop a plan on how to combat stress and anxiety with mindfulness and different life-changing approaches to identify and eliminate triggers and help you live a life full of happiness, vigor and vitality.


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We Will Eliminate Unnecessary Levels of
Anxiety and Stress By:

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Teaching you with a clear understanding of the skills to generate calmness and peace within your life

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Identifying, analyzing then eliminating the triggers and drivers of your anxiety pattern

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Find new healthy life opportunities and create a balance within through mind and body

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Install thought patterns that are key ingredients for generating positive and relaxed states

We are changing lives

“My 13 year-old son experienced panic attacks for the first time when he returned to school after remote learning in 2020. He was not even able to get out of the car and walk into school as he was in such a state of panic that he would throw up uncontrollably. We had seen the Doctor, received help from the school counselor, completed an online course and seen several psychologists and nothing helped.

A colleague from my work insisted that Peter from Prime Wellness would be able to help and she was right. After one session with Peter, my son was able to go to school for a full day, and has continued to do so ever since. During our sessions, we were able to learn so much about how our mind works and how we in fact can take control. We were given so many resources and follow up calls to ensure we were on track. We learnt relaxation techniques and received our own individualised hypnosis, which is simply a meditation with a consolidation of our learning.

My son and I grew closer over the few sessions that we had. He is now happily riding his bike to school again and I too no longer run anxiety after almost 20 years of doing so. We both feel empowered and well equipped to be our best selves. Peter literally saved my son’s life and we will be forever thankful. I cannot recommend Peter highly enough!”



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