“I always believed that the mind is our most powerful arsenal and we are always in control. It is my mission in life to make my clients realise the full potential of their imagination and harness the power of their minds to change their current situations and create their own amazing life experiences. I am happy that I am succeeding in that area and forever grateful to the wonderful individuals that put their utmost trust in Prime Wellness to guide them in their journey of becoming the best versions of themselves.”

– Peter
peter williams prime wellness testimonial page
peter williams prime wellness testimonial page
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“Peter is an incredible listener – an extremely rare attribute. Peters skill-set and true passion for growth and improvement is life changing. I worked with Peter to fine-tune my routine and structure, both personal and business. Peters advice, strategies, tools and techniques have been absolutely transforming. Peter is my go-to coach when ‘things’ get overwhelming or when I’m off-track and a reset is required. Highly recommended.”


“I came to Peter experiencing a lot of anxiety, relationship problems and was a bit of an emotional wreck. Through coaching and hypnosis, I learnt how to conquer my anxiety and change my unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour. I am now much more of an empowered, positive, calmer and happier person. Every session with Peter felt like a huge progress and he was very supportive the whole way through. Thank you Peter!”


“Before I came to Peter I ran many patterns which I let control me and my everyday actions. Sleeping very little each night and analysing everything around me was my way of life until I saw peter. The combination of the hypnosis recordings with regular conversations slowly shifted my mindset and placed the power within me to change. I’m forever grateful for Peter, helping me to both sleep better and to live each day with calm and happiness.”


“Peter helped simplified the overarching issues I had and this, in turn, resolved them. He placed the power in my hands to start living for myself. Specifically, we wrote down all the factors of my life that I was struggling with and wanted to improve. We worked out a simple plan of action to remedy the situation. Peter helped manifest the act of ‘doing’, because sitting and letting my problems run rampant wasn’t working.”


“I recall in my first session with Peter saying that the one thing I truly wanted in my life was impossible so I needed to work on letting go of that deep yearning and moving on. He didn’t think it was impossible. He was right. My life now compared to only three months ago is totally different, and that’s a testament to Peter’s commitment and care. Thank you Peter for the opportunity to work with you, I am deeply grateful to you.”


“Peter is an exceptional therapist that has the ability to really connect and get to the core of issues quickly. What I admire most about Peter is that he shows a real commitment and pure dedication to his own path by continuously expanding his skills and understanding of the human experiences and behaviours. This is a practitioner that walks the talk and he will help you to do the same.”

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“Peter has shown me freedom from these thoughts and has removed the cloak over my eyes. I did not know I could be so much in control of my own life. See what I want, hear what I want and believe what I want.”


“Peter is an exceptional human being and incredibly good at what he does. He is professional, wise, passionate and committed. He will get you results. I’ve worked with lots of people in self development and Peter is up there with the best in the world. His service is very personalised and packed with resources and tools that you will actually use.”


“I have done many hypnotic sessions with Peter and I have always been impressed by how receptive he was to the things I needed to change in my life. In every hypnotic session we have done, I always found Peter to have the knowledge and care to actually apply useful suggestions which have dramatically improved the quality of my life.”


“I can’t speak highly enough about Prime Wellness and Peter Williams. He has been a life coach. Teaching me how to navigate my problems with different techniques whilst giving support and encouragement. I feel more able to face my problems now. Thank you so much Peter for your ongoing support. Thoroughly recommend Prime Wellness.”


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“He is an amazing force in my life, he is my sounding board, offering caring guidance and encouragement. Our sessions are open, honest and unbiased. The follow up calls go above and beyond what you would expect from any practitioner and he does this from a place of pure concern & care for your wellbeing.”


With meditation, mindfulness and through hypnosis the unwanted behaviours in my life are changing all the time for a better lifestyle that’s mentally and physically for my well-being and my family. I used to overthink on just about anything in my life. I have control and self esteem to pump the air confidently.


“I’m so grateful for Peter and everything that he has done for me. He is an amazing, genuine practitioner who takes the time to really get to know you. I left our sessions armed with the tools I need to help me keep on top of my issues, and he showed me how to form new, positive habits.”

5 star review testimonial

“Peter is such a lovely person and genuinely cares and wants good outcomes for his clients. I would definitely recommend Prime Wellness.”


“He is clearly passionate about Wellness and this shows through his ability to provide a calming and nurturing environment. This has not been a one off session and you walk away, Peter follows through and encourages you to be the best you can be.”


“Peter is one amazing practitioner. His care and consideration for clients is out of this world.
His approach is individualised and well executed. I’ve never met someone who listens so well to your words and responds with such support and accuracy.”


“Peter is very passionate at what he does always provides a welcoming and safe space to me after his treatments I feel more positive and upbeat within myself and can focus on things I want to manifest thanks to Peter”s help highly recommended”



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