Weight Loss

A holistic wellness perspective to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Weight loss can be achieved effectively with the right treatment plan and strategy. Like addictions, typically food is used to provide one of two feelings, a buzz or a sense or relief. When we identify which of these drivers are behind the behavior, we can tailor a specific plan for you.

With a Diploma in Integrative Health Coaching and a Diploma in Fitness, we will look at all of the elements that are pivotal in creating a substantial weight loss change once and for all.


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We Will Achieve Sustained and Maintained Weight Loss By

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Teach you skills to know which behaviors you should engage in and the ones to avoid

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Creating a realistic, achievable and adaptable treatment plan to achieve your weight loss goal.

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Generating a compelling future that will be clear and present as you move towards you goal

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Creating the confidence and trust for yourself, with sustained and strategic action

We are changing lives

“I highly recommended Peter for hypnosis. I had a series of sessions over a few months to shift any subconscious blocks I had to losing weight. I noticed change in myself immediately and them went on to lose 8 kilos.

Since the sessions, the changes have remained. We focussed on the emotional blocks and Peter has wisdom that allows him to tailor each session towards my goals. So if you have blocks, commit to work and it will work.
One session will give you first spark but my suggestion is commit to 10 in a row.

Peter has a big heart and I believe that’s his greatest gift.”



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