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What is Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a form of hypnotherapy that is specific to meeting your needs. This means no two sessions are ever the same. Your treatment plan will be specialised and individualised for the outcome that you are after.

Strategic Psychotherapy is an incredibly effective therapy that will mobilise you quickly towards your outcomes. Any gaps that you haven’t been able to identify will be strategically addressed, with skills and strategies for you to change rapidly and permanently.


Addictions are very common and they show up in many different ways. They can be for food, smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol, social media and so much more. 

Addictive behaviours become a habit to change the way we feel. Whether we are bored, stressed ,overwhelmed, sad or are experiencing any other negative state. In particular there are triggers and connections that are linked with the addiction. 

With Clinical Hypnotherapy you will finally be able to create the changes to your pattern of addiction.

Have you tried quitting cold turkey, to only find yourself back where you started? 

Without an effective strategy and making changes at a subconscious level, your addiction will be difficult to change.

We will eliminate your addiction by:

  • Identifying your driver of the behavior, either for a buzz or for relief/relaxation.
  • Teaching you the skills to relieve stress, anxiety and any drivers.
  • Teaching you how to effectively meet your needs for satisfaction, fulfillment and joy.
  • Identify triggers and vulnerabilities to develop resilience for freedom after treatment.


Anxiety and stress are incredibly common patterns that are present within clients. When you have lost the ability to switch off the bodies stress response, a mechanism that is meant to last 30 seconds, can last for hours or longer periods of time. This is where you will be taught the skills and strategies to rapidly readjust to the mechanism necessary. 

We will eliminate unecessary levels of anxiety and stress by:

  • Teaching you with a clear understanding of the skills to generate calmness and peace within your life.
  • Eliminating triggers and drivers of the anxiety pattern.
  • Creating a balance within the body through mind and body.
  • Educating and installing the thought patterns that are the key ingredients for generating positive and relaxed states daily.


Weight loss can be achieved effectively with the right treatment plan and strategy. Like addictions, typically food is used to provide one of two feelings, a buzz or a sense or relief. When we identify which of these drivers are behind the behavior, we can tailor a specific plan for you. 

With a Diploma in Integrative Health Coaching and a Diploma in Fitness, we will look at all of the elements that are pivotal in creating a substantial weight loss change once and for all.

We will achieve sustained and maintained weight loss by:

  • Teaching you skills to determine which behaviors you engage in and which behaviors that you don’t.
  • Creating a realistic, achievable and adaptable treatment plan to achieve your weight loss goal.
  • Generating a compelling future that will be clear and present for you daily, as you engage in the appropriate behaviors to move towards you goal.
  • Creating the confidence and trust for yourself, with sustained and strategic action. 


Low Self Esteem is created by having an unrealistic assessment of yourself. This means that you habitually delete all of the strengths and value that you have, focusing on the things that you do not have. You may have learned to compare yourself to others, or lean towards pessimism when it comes to your own capabilities.


We can build your self esteem substantially by:

  • Teaching you skills to determine which of your thoughts are valid and which not.
  • Creating the habits and behaviors for you to have a fulfilling and satisfying life.
  • Strategically implementing activities to develop your confidence.
  • Generating a training regime to build your self esteem and confidence so that they become resilient and cemented.

Your Hypnotherapist, Peter

Peter Williams has trained extensively with the Institute of Applied Psychology. Having completed a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy. In addition to this training, Peter has completed a Diploma of NLP, Coaching and Leadership. He is also an Integrative Health Coach and a Fitness Specialist. 

With all of these different modalities, Peter is able to create treatment plans that address many of the drivers of client problems, so that they are able to live their life on their terms after treatment.




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