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Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a form of hypnotherapy that is specific to meeting your needs. This means no two sessions are ever the same. Your treatment plan will be specialised and individualised for the outcome that you are after.

Strategic Psychotherapy is an incredibly effective therapy that will mobilise you quickly towards your outcomes. Any gaps that you haven’t been able to identify will be strategically addressed, with skills and strategies for you to change rapidly and permanently.


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Transformation begins with you

Our broad range of hypnotherapy services will rapidly transform your mindset to make you in control again


Prime Wellness will help you eliminate triggers and drivers of your anxiety pattern, create balance and generate calmness and peace within your life.



We will create a realistic, achievable and adaptable treatment plan to achieve your weight loss goal, building your confidence and trust for yourself.



We will help you identify triggers and vulnerabilities to develop resilience you need to say no to unwanted habits that control your life.



Prime Wellness will help you strategically implement activities to develop your confidence and have a fulfilling and satisfying life.


Meet Your Hypnotherapist

Peter Williams has trained extensively with the Institute of Applied Psychology. Having completed a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy. In addition to this training, Peter has completed a Diploma of NLP, Coaching and Leadership. He is also an Integrative Health Coach and a Fitness Specialist.

With all of these different modalities, Peter is able to create treatment plans that address many of the drivers of client problems, so that they are able to live their life on their terms after treatment.


Peter Williams

We are changing lives

See what some of our clients had to say about their experience

“Peter is fantastic! He has such a warm and inviting presence and I immediately felt very comfortable. He helps you get to the bottom of whats really going on, and to focus you on what you really need. I wasn’t even sure if hypnotherapy would work on me, but I definitely felt a shift when I was there. And he’s got a great hypnotic voice! Part of what we worked on was public speaking, and even though I was still nervous leading up to my presentation, during my presentation I was so much calmer and confident than I ever expected. I was so surprised and amazed, and grateful to Peter for helping me! I definitely recommend him.”


“Wow, where to begin? Peter is amazing! He offers a very relaxed and comfortable environment, making you feel completely safe to open up and be transparent with your feelings, without any fear of embarrassment. I was lucky to have a number of sessions with Peter and can say without a doubt it has been a life changing journey. His eagerness and true desire to help, really shines through. I cannot recommend Peter highly enough! And whilst I know he has put me on my best and strongest life path, I do look forward to a time in the future where we connect again. Thank you again Peter!”


“I owe Peter so much of my current happiness and contentment. I encourage anyone who is considering hypnotherapy, to give themselves a chance to feel at peace and meet with Pete. I was unsure at first, not knowing how much of a difference hypnotherapy would make but it has impacted me more than I imagined. I struggled with anxiety, self esteem and driving, and now these seem like a distant memory. Peter is, in every sense, a beautiful soul who does everything to serve others. He genuinely cares and is a perfect role model for us all. A beautiful man using his own talents to raise others up. Best money I ever spent!”


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